The Book: "What Is This Thing Called I?"

Have you ever wondered who you really are and what compels you to do the things you do? If so, this book is for you! This life altering book offers a new way of looking at the mind and how it creates rules and laws that seemingly run our lives. Get a glimpse of how your mind functions by obeying the laws and commandments dictated by the false mental forces that the author calls the creator god, we-god and i-god.

bookcover“What Is This Thing Called I?” Dr. Carter’s theory surpasses many of the more traditional psychological approaches of the mind by taking the reader into the inner structure of the psychological mechanism that attempts to keep us from knowing our true identity. His theory is in the vein of Carl Jung, but takes us farther in helping us understand that our true nature is not psychological, but Spiritual. His theory truly makes a contribution to our understanding of the nature of the mind and its attempt to mask our true identity. Dr. Carter’s theory on how the mind operates is easily understood and intriguing. His basic premise is that our only problem is that we are misidentified and that the way out of our problem is to identify with our true nature. This process of right identification is indeed an act of radical forgiveness and one that should be wholeheartedly embraced by individuals interested in examining the question, “What Is This Thing Called I?”

“I highly recommend this important book. Among many other things, it will forever illuminate the meaning of the word “I”. — Gary Renard, Author of The Disappearance of the Universe”

“If you are concerned, as I am, with pondering the spiritual nature of SELF, this book will help you enormously. — Colin Tipping, Author of “Radical Forgiveness, Making Room for the Miracle”

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