What Compels You?

alone-crowdHave you ever wondered who you really are and what compels you to do the things you do? This life altering workshop and book offers a new way of looking at the mind and how it creates rules and laws that seemingly run our lives. Get a glimpse of how your mind functions by obeying the laws and commandments dictated by the false mental forces that the author calls the creator god, we-god and i-god.

Who Am I?” is a program hosted by Dr. Allen Carter, Ph.D., ABPP with the purpose of awakening to absolute truth. Warning! No belief goes unquestioned.

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carter-headshotDr. Allen Carter, Ph.D., ABPP, host of the award-winning program, “Who Am I?” is now conducting live workshops in Atlanta. These 4-hour sessions will allow participants to interactively engage with Dr. Carter in a question/answer format, as the group journeys on a spiritual quest towards Absolute Truth. Have your most profound questions about life, death and beyond addressed. WARNING: This workshop ventures where few dare to go. No belief is safe! No belief goes unquestioned!

Workshop Title: “The Secret of Life”

Workshop Date: Sat, Jun 10, 2017, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (EDT) Atlanta, GA

The secret of life…What causes it? What sustains it? What determines its path?

The answer to these proverbial questions can have various meanings and take a variety of directions. For some, finding out the secret of life means finding unlimited bliss. For others, it represents discovering never-before-known facts about the Universe. And, for others still, the secret of life means knowing Truth…Absolute Truth that is indisputable and unchanging.

Join Dr. Allen Carter, Ph.D., ABPP, for an exhilarating workshop that probes, ponders and explores “The Secret of Life.”

Dr. Carter welcomes everyone without judgment or ridicule. Bring your questions, an open mind and spend the day embracing Truth.

Past attendees say they have left Dr. Carter’s workshops feeling more aware and more fulfilled then how they arrived.

You too can experience Dr. Carter, from the hit weekly program, “Who Am I?”, live and in person.

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Who Am I? Find Out More!

Meet Your Host, Dr. Carter

As a child, sitting around the dinner table with my family, I was the one who always asked questions usually to the disgust of my sisters and brother. This desire to question, to always seek the unknown is an integral part of my life’s journey and propels me to explore the inner realm of the mind and come to that which needs no question because it is the answer – the only answer. Read More

“What Is This Thing Called I?”

bookcover“What Is This Thing Called I?” Dr. Carter’s theory surpasses many of the more traditional psychological approaches of the mind by taking the reader into the inner structure of the psychological mechanism that attempts to keep us from knowing our true identity. Read More

Thank God Almighty, We Are Free At Last

These are the stirring words delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as he concluded his famous I Have A Dream speech in August 1963. The speech is often considered to be one of the greatest speeches of the 20th Century because it describes freedom as the world where blacks and whites join as brothers and sisters. Read More